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**** in Gehlberg max. 4 Persons 

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Holiday Rentals,Gehlberg Real estate
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Holiday Rentals for rent
per week from 399.00 EUR
de- Gehlberg
Thuringia, Germany

Available according to agreement
Firma Bungalow.Net BV
NL 8011 Zwolle
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from 399.00 EUR
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Short description
This holiday apartment is located in beautiful Gehlberg, a small town in the heart of the Thuringian Forest. Vast forests and mountain meadows, fast flowing rivers and beautiful wide views make this area a paradise for nature lovers. Bicycling along the ridge - the Rennsteigtunnel - is an unforgettable experience! Eagles, black cock, lynx and many other species usually rare in Europe, can be found here. Around the apartments you can see deer, roe deer and other animals coming to the creek to drink. Gehlberg gets its name from the arnica flower which grows on the yellow-colored hillsides. The village was founded in 1641, as a so-called glass cottage, where glass was manufactured and shaped. From two houses, a bakery, a brewery and a mill a village took shape. The original glass cottage is now a museum. At an altitude of 982 meters, on the sides of Gehlberg, at the highest point of the Thuringian Forest, towers the great Beerberg. But even lower hills, such as Snow Head, Vicious Circle, Stone Axe and Bärenbach-head, offer breathtaking views. A picnic beside a clear, babbling brook or hanging around by the evening campfire, these provide a fairytale-like charm to the summer residence. In the vicinity you will find many activities to help make your holiday a relaxed but memorable stay! 

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Winter sports; In the mountains; Among nature
In the vicinity of Gehlberg you'll find numerous sights and attractions. Some are nearby, others are a little farther away. In the vicinity of Gehlberg there are also several signposted trails. Some of them run along Snow-Head (at a height of 978 meters, it is the second highest mountain in Thuringia), the most striking mountain of the Thuringian Forest. From this former volcano you have a breathtaking view of the surroundings. From the Schmücke you can reach the top in about half an hour. With a mountain bike you can explore the Rennsteigtunel. The Rennsteigtunel is an old 168 km long road which leads through the Thuringian Mountains and was once used as a postal road. Along the Rennsteigtunel there are many cottages and (sometimes centuries old) hotels, restaurants, hostels and other buildings where guests can eat, drink and/or spend the night. Along the route you can also find numerous landmarks and heraldic stones, which previously revealed who the rulers were in this area. In total there were more than 1,300! There are numerous marked routes here and there are regularly organized tours through the area. These tours can range from easy to difficult. In the swimming paradise of Oberhof, housed under a gigantic dome, you will find pools with a temperature of 28 to 32 degrees. Whirlpools, areas with chaise lounges, a 100-meter-long giant water slide, Whitewater Canal, saunas, steam room, cold pool, solarium, outdoor pool, playground and lawn make the whole experience complete. Or visit the Trusetal Waterfall: Tambach-Dietharz is a small mountain town with the largest free-standing climbing rock of Thuringia, the Falkenstein, which has the largest natural waterfall, the Spitterfall. You can also go rafting on the Apfelstädt River. Schloss Friedenstein (castle) overlooks the city. A former dukes residence, it now houses several museums as well as the Corner Theater. In the summer music and theater festivals are held here.
In the building you will find three cozy apartments all equipped with modern conveniences. This accommodation ican be found on the ground floor. The modern kitchens contain ceramic hotplates, an oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher along with everything you need including a Senseo coffee maker. The apartments of the Gera type have a living room with a wood-burning stove, a sitting area, TV (satellite), VCR, DVD player and stereo. In the kitchen-living room 6 persons can eat comfortably, play games or just drink coffee and tea while reading the newspaper at the big table. The bedroom has a king-size bed (also suitable for tall people!), a bunk bed, and, upon request, a crib. In the living room there is a couch which can be turned into a double bed. The bathroom is small but fully-equipped and includes a sink, toilet and shower (or bathtub). The house has central heating. On the banks of the small Wild Gera river, which flows through the garden, there is a large terrace with barbecue from where you have a view of the surrounding woods and hills. These woods provide soothing sounds and the scent of unspoilt nature and are home to deer and other animals who come to drink from the small river. In summer the small river (with potable water) is a cool place for children and adults, where you can have fun and the kids can play with water and stones. And who can resist building his own dam...

The water supply of this accommodation is based on spring water.
Therefore we kindly want to ask you to bring your own drink water, also for cooking.
Bedding / Linen: The beds are standard not equipped with duvets, duvet covers, pillows, pillowcases and fitted sheets and there are no towels and tea towels provided. If you wish to rent these (Euro 15, - pp) and you have not indicated it in your reservation, please let us know. 
Possibility nearby / Möglichkeiten in der Nähe: Fishing
No smoking!!! 

Inventory: The inventory of all housing is controlled once a year by the landlord at the start / end. In the apartment there are the following facilities: a full kitchen facility, including a refrigerator with freezer, electric hotplates, oven, microwave, Senseo coffeemaker, coffeemaker, kettle, dishwasher, washer, dryer, crockery and cutlery for 6 persons. You have a separate entrance, normal sanitary facilities (toilet and shower), hot and cold running water, central heating, a wood-buring stove, electricity, (satellite) television and DVD player. The landlord is not liable for changes in the inventory, unless the presence of certain specific facilities was explicitly guaranteed. If something is missing, does not work or is damaged at the beginning of the rental period, report it immediately to the landlord, his manager or the key address. If something is lost or stops working during your stay, please inform the manager immediately. We can then try to resolve the problem. The maximum number of persons in the description of the apartment is the maximum allowed number of guests. At the time of reservation or thereafter the landlord has to know the name of all the guests of the apartment. It is not permitted bring additional persons without the written consent of the landlord. If a fifth or sixth person is granted, you will have to pay an extra fee of € 150.00 per week. If you wish to invite friends during your holiday, please discuss this with the landlord or his managers. If, without their consent, more or other persons are found in the apartment, this will be brought to account - for each extra person € 250. -, without regard to the number of days that this person has spent in the apartment. Camping is not allowed on the premises of the accommodation with or without a caravan unless it has been agreed upon in advance.
Final cleaning and control: During your stay please keep the apartment clean. The cleaning / inspection will be made by the landlord (unless it was otherwise agreed in advance). The costs are specified in the rent and cover cleaning under normal, reasonable conditions. If you brought a pet into the apartment, you have to pay an extra fee of € 00.00. If it turns out that the apartment is very dirty, or can only be cleaned with special cleaning materials / equipment, extra costs will apply. This sum will be at least € 15. - per hour. Upon request the tenant can inspect the house together with the landlord. Any defects, damage or lost things will appear on a written form. The lessor is not liable for obvious errors and/or mistakes in the description or the price quotation of the accommodations offered by the landlord. The landlord is not liable for loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind that happens to the tenant or fellow passengers in the rented apartments. You use the pool, if any, and river at your own risk. 
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