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Holiday Rentals,Gorgova Real estate
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Holiday Rentals for rent
per week from 175.00 EUR
ro- Gorgova
Mureș County, Romania

Available according to agreement
Firma Bungalow.Net BV
NL 8011 Zwolle
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from 175.00 EUR
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Short description
Romania is fortunate to be one of the few European countries generously blessed by nature. Here the relief harmonizes to perfection, making up a whole of great beauty. The mighty Danube - which springs to life in Germany - bathes several countries of the Old Continent before ending its journey on Romanian territory where, before flowing into the Black Sea, it forms a picturesque delta. Along the three branches - the Chilia, Sulina and Sfintul Gheorghe - the Danube displays a geographical realm which has always fascinated people with its strange beauty and mysteries of nature. The restaurant and bungalows are located in the village of Gorgova. In the yard you will find an open air shower, garden furniture, pergolas and a building with refrigerators where you can store food or fish you have caught (There is also a preparatory kitchen where you can clean and prepare the fish before eating or freezing them). Guests have access to the kitchen of the restaurant as well (to prepare a meal), or they can simply eat in the restaurant. The cook will be happy to prepare meals at the guests request. Within the vicinity of the bungalows you can fish, hike, go boating or swimming, or just lie in the sun or enjoy a picnic in the magnificent environment. There are lots of possibilities for boat trips in the area. The owner / staff can provide you with all kinds of information regarding these trips. You can travel overland to the village of Gorgova. The nearest airport is „Mihail Kogalniceanu” located 13 km from Tulcea. There are regular flights (twice a week) from Bucharest (the capital of Romania) to Tulcea. The nearest international airport is in Constanta, 100 km from Tulcea.
Modern day tourists seeking to avoid noisy and crowded metropolises try to ferret out refreshing corners of the world where they can enjoy a holiday amidst nature. The Danube Delta is one of the few places that meets the requirements of these travelers. Here you can admire a unique landscape: long picturesque stretches shaded by luxuriant plants; water lilies and vast expanses of reed; willow, poplar and alder groves; flocks of swans, pelicans, wild ducks and geese as well as vines and venerable oaks make this place look like a real jungle!

Airport 150  km  
Among nature; On an island; Near water
If you haven't decided yet what to do during your spring or summer holiday, stop here for a moment and marvel at the color of the flowers, the diversity of the insects and the beauty of the birds which live among the fascinating environment. One can hardly describe in words, let alone a few lines, what the beauty and attraction of the Delta means to all its visitors. It is said that once visited, this dreamland will keep drawing the tourist back like an irresistible call. Numerous tourist attractions and various itineraries can be found here. The Danube Delta (591,200 hectares) was included in the UNESCO Project as a reservation of the Biosphere because of its peculiar features and the originality and variety of the ecosystems (more than 25 types of natural ecosystems). There are 16 protected areas where no commercial activity is allowed plus areas for ecological rehabilitation, buffer zones and commercial areas where tourism is permitted. The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve was not among the first reservations established, neither is it among the largest on earth. It ranks fifth among the humid regions on earth, second in Europe. However, this reservation is considered third in the world with respect to its ecological importance.
This natural sanctuary is made up of brooks and lakes (over 400), floating islands (19.5 square km), “reed forests” (the biggest compact reed thicket on earth – 180,000 hectares), lianas, and willow and poplar forests. It shelters a fabulous fauna. In the Danube Delta there are over 300 species of birds including pelicans, egrets, spoonbills, pygmy cormorants and red-necked geese. Some of these are endangered species and are protected by the Berne Convention. In this birds’ paradise there are 176 species who make their home in the Danube Delta, while other migratory birds arrive in spring and autumn from all over Europe as well as from other continents. The ichthyofauna includes over 100 species of fish including sheatfish, pike, carp, herring, sturgeon, and sevruga. Some of these have significant economical value (sturgeon). As for mammals, minks, fox and wild boar should be mentioned. Wherever you look, you will see floating islets covered by rush and reed, lianas like in tropical forests, and lakes carpeted by water lilies which hide a puzzling underwater world. This place is a paradise for those who like to fish and hunt. Rules pertaining to hunting and fishing in the Danube Delta have been established by the Hunter and Anglers Union and the Administration of the "Delta Dunarii" Biosphere Reservation. The areas which may be hunted and fished are designated each year but the main areas are: Razim, Caraorman, Uzlina, Crisan-Sulina, Mila 23-Sat, Ilgani (geese, mallards, moor hens, snipes, wild boar) and Cardon - under special circumstances (roebucks, pheasants, hares). To discover this paradise one may travel by ship on any of the three tributaries of the Danube. The northern branch of the Delta is called the Chilia. This branch has a length of 104 km and includes four estuaries which form a mini-delta. The central branch, the Sulina, is the most utilized by passenger ships and cargo vessels. It meanders along 71 km and practically flows into the middle of the Danube, sometimes having a width of 250 meters. It empties into the former port of Sulina. Other meanderings of the river allow access to some lagoons and small navigable channels. From this point of view lakes Fortuna and Gorgova are two beautiful examples. The meridional branch is called Sf. Gheorghe. It stretches 112 km up to the former settlement of Sf. Gheorghe from where it flows into the sea.
The Danube Delta is a perfect holiday choice especially when one takes into consideration Romanian hospitality!
There are 5 bungalows here, all the same. A bungalow consists of a bedroom furnished with 2 beds plus a bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet. The bungalow has mosquito netting, electricity and non-stop cold/hot running water. In the main building, where the kitchen is located, you'll also find a dining room with a TV. All the facilities of the pension are for the common use of the guests. Please don’t forget to bring insect repellent with you! 
Possibility nearby / Möglichkeiten in der Nähe: Horseriding, Fishing 
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