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*** in Garbau max. 3 Persons 

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Holiday Rentals,Gîrbău Real estate
Holiday Rentals Gîrbău Real estate Holiday Rentals Gîrbău Real estate Holiday Rentals Gîrbău Real estate Holiday Rentals Gîrbău Real estate Holiday Rentals Gîrbău Real estate Holiday Rentals Gîrbău Real estate Holiday Rentals Gîrbău Real estate Holiday Rentals Gîrbău Real estate Holiday Rentals Gîrbău Real estate Holiday Rentals Gîrbău Real estate Holiday Rentals Gîrbău Real estate Holiday Rentals Gîrbău Real estate Holiday Rentals Gîrbău Real estate
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Holiday Rentals for rent
per week from 208.00 EUR
ro- Gîrbău
Caraș-Severin County, Romania

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Firma Bungalow.Net BV
NL 8011 Zwolle
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from 208.00 EUR
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Short description
This accommodation lies far from the noise of the crowded cities. Surrounded by numerous lakes, waterfalls and pine forests it's a perfect place for meditation, listening to the birds sing, savoring the fresh aroma of the pine woods, or sitting around a campfire with family or friends. Nearby in Vistea or Turea you can admire the traditional Hungarian costumes and folk traditions. 

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Winter sports; Romantic; Among nature
The Apuseni Mountains are a little known gem in western Romania, where nature remains pristine and unspoiled! The area's primary access roads wind around it, and the local towns have been built on its margins. These mountains form a huge plateau which has been cut in two by the Aries River, and they offer enough natural beauty to satisfy all tastes: forested hills that alternate with colorful open meadows, numerous scenic rivers that have chiseled out spectacular canyons and created world-famous caves, and remote valleys that are still home to large predators such as wolves and bears. The eastern part of the park is dominated by the Belis-Fintinele Lake which is the highest of a chain of four accumulation lakes on the Somes River, and is a wonderful place for fishing or boat trips. The enormous forests are crisscrossed with thousands of kilometers of forestry roads and trails, and filled with pristine natural areas, making this region perfect for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Caves are one of the main attractions of the Apuseni Mountains. There are thousands of them scattered all over the area. “Piatra Altarului” is considered by many to be the most beautiful cave in Europe. “Pestera Vantului” is the longest in Romania, with 44km of galleries, while “Humpleu” has individual rooms extending up to 600m long and 50m high. Most of the caves can be visited (with appropriate gear and specialized guides). Caves that are more accessible to tourists include “Pestera Ursilor” (Bear Cave), “Pestera Scarisoara” (Glacier Cave of Scarisoara), and “Pestera Ungurului” (Cave of the Hungarians). The Apuseni Mountains have a very complex and varied geological structure. Over time they have been successively lifted up and submerged by the sea. Different climates followed each other, beginning with tropical, then subtropical and later glacial. In this relatively small area, one can find a geological mosaic of conglomerate rocks, crystalline rocks, volcanic rocks and limestone. And there is also iron, silver and gold.

This room is suitable for 3 persons. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price! Healthy bedding, fluffy or firm pillows, bright white sheets, warm floors, clean windows, recent paint and the overall freshness of the 15 rooms (2 and 3-person) help provide a relaxed atmosphere. If necessary, the extensible beds can be stretched to accommodate double the number of guests – a total of 44 persons. Here hygiene is at home and the bathrooms are comparable to those of the grand hotels. Needless to say, here there is no room without a bath nor bath without a room. The dining room beckons you to enjoy a total culinary experience: the classical piano, rustic fireplace and archaic gramophone complete the tone of the room ... and the tablecloths, as well as the hosts, are simply great! Above all lie the immanent flavors of the traditional cuisine. In the conference room guests will be inspired to give their best. The hall is suitable for PowerPoint presentations, film screenings, etc.

Possibility nearby / Möglichkeiten in der Nähe: Skiing 

Arrival and departure: 12PM. Smoking is prohibited throughout the pension. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price! 
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