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* in Alaro max. 6 Persons 

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Holiday Rentals,Alaró Real estate
Holiday Rentals Alaró Real estate Holiday Rentals Alaró Real estate Holiday Rentals Alaró Real estate Holiday Rentals Alaró Real estate Holiday Rentals Alaró Real estate Holiday Rentals Alaró Real estate Holiday Rentals Alaró Real estate Holiday Rentals Alaró Real estate Holiday Rentals Alaró Real estate Holiday Rentals Alaró Real estate Holiday Rentals Alaró Real estate Holiday Rentals Alaró Real estate
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Holiday Rentals for rent
per week from 784.00 EUR
es- Alaró
Balearic Islands, Spain

Available according to agreement
Firma Bungalow.Net BV
NL 8011 Zwolle
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from 784.00 EUR
Short description
Welcome! The house is located close to the mountains and it is the right choice especially for sports lovers and families. The two-storey house with a size of 200 m2 counts with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and one separate toilet. The whole house has air conditioning. The living area invites you to take a nap on the cozy sofa, watch television, surf on the internet or play with the games console. The adjoining dining area offers seats for 8 persons. The very well equipped kitchen is modern and you can enjoy pool views while cooking. There are enough parking spaces in the patio for up to 2 cars. The porch is a chill-out zone with seats and a table. There is also a BBQ in the terrace. Next to the terrace you will find the private pool. It has a size of 3.5 x 7 meters. There are direct neighbors but the wall protects you perfectly. Pets are welcome! Alaró is a beautiful village located very close to the mountains. It has a really easy access from the highway that comes from Palma but once you are there you can feel the flair of the real and genuine Mallorca. Most of the houses in town are built in a traditional style, with stones. The center of the village has narrow cobbled streets, and on fridays, when the market takes places, it is really cool to go around the square and grab some fresh food from the local farmers. From Alaró you can go to Orient, which is a charming little village into the mountain. It is famous among hikers and mountain lovers because many hiking routes start from there. If you like hiking, consider a visit to Alaró Castle, which lays up on the mountains that stays behind the village, discover its history and after the long walk, enjoy the views and have a good lunch at the restaurant over there. 


Mallorca, the largest island of the Balearic Islands, makes one think of beach resorts, but there are many other ways to enjoy both the coast and the inland - especially in autumn and winter, when the hoards of tourists are gone and the temperature is more suitable for outdoor activities. You can spend a week exploring the Tramuntana mountain range running along the west of Mallorca on foot or by bicycle. Or you can visit some of the wineries in the center of the island where you can enjoy traditional local wines. You can also visit a farm by cycling or hiking, where you can learn how to make the sobrasada or mallorquín pork sausage.
Here you'll find great places to eat. The Mallorcan chefs prepare traditional recipes adapted to the modern taste. There are six Michelin-starred restaurants on the island. This renewed enthusiasm for local cuisine is also evident in all the restaurants in Mallorca.
Even if you have been on the island several times, there is always more to discover, especially by exploring the lush inland countryside as well as the spectacular coastline.
Usually the beach holiday season begins in May and ends in October, but the island is also beautiful in spring when the almond trees are in bloom. Outside the hottest months of July and August, the Balearic Islands are perfect for active holidays, with plenty to see if you are interested in plants or birds, or if you want to discover the local culture.
While most beach resorts close in the winter months, Mallorca is an ideal location for a holiday year-round. If you want more to do than to just lie on the beach, take advantage of the low winter prices and enjoy the taste of a real life in the Balearic Islands.
Surface area: 250 
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