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Newsletter fra 2017-11-06
Autumn action - € 300 .-- saved * Spam-Mails * Twitter * Design Change & Optimization

Design Change & Optimization

After the share of mobile users has risen above 60% in recent months, the design on reedb.com has been adjusted accordingly. Thus, the presentation is optimized for mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Spam mails

E-mails will be sent now with a time delay. This makes it easier to detect and avoid SPAM. For those interested, the simple contact option remains and you as a provider are largely spared by SPAM.

Autumn action - € 300 .-- saved

If you have not posted any offers on reedb.com in the past 6 months, then you can start the trial package by 30th Nov. 2017 and save € 300 with the coupon code "n1hw7s". Now on  https://www.reedb.net/pg-7905.**-real-estate-package-special-offer-for-new-customers and use all advantages for 12 months; Portal agent, object rotation and much more.


Twitter has increased the permissible characters from 140 to 280. reedb.com has also extended the characters and is now also tweeting new offers at up to 280 characters at https://twitter.com/immo_reedb
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